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Financial Secretary


Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary's primary responsibility is to assist the Chief Executive in overseeing policy formulation and implementation of financial, monetary, economic, trade, development, housing, transport, logistics, innovation and technology as well as industrial matters. The Financial Secretary exercises control over the Exchange Fund with the assistance of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and is a member of the Executive Council.

The Financial Secretary is also in charge of the Government Budget and is responsible under the Public Finance Ordinance for laying before the Legislative Council each year the government's estimates of revenue and expenditure. The Financial Secretary outlines in the annual budget speech the government's vision and policies for sustainable economic development, presents budgetary proposals and moves the Appropriation Bill, which gives legal effect to the annual expenditure proposals in the Budget.

Deputy Financial Secretary

The Deputy Financial Secretary's primary responsibility is to assist the Financial Secretary in coordinating formulation and implementation of cross-bureaux/departmental policies and supervising the policy bureaux under his charge. The Deputy Financial Secretary also assists the Chief Executive in policy making as a member of the Executive Council and takes charge of specific policy areas or projects as directed by the Chief Executive and the Financial Secretary.

The Deputy Financial Secretary is responsible for engaging and canvassing the views of and explaining policies to the Legislative Council, other stakeholders, members of the public and the media. In addition, the Deputy Financial Secretary is authorised to deputise for the Financial Secretary when the latter is not able to discharge his duties.



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