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Financial Secretary


FS attends TVB Financial Forum 2023 - Green and Sustainable Finance: New Opportunities in a New Era (9.6.2023)
FS attends Caixin Summer Summit 2023 (9.6.2023)
FS attends Women Empowerment Fund Launching Ceremony (8.6.2023)
FS attends launch ceremony of 2023 Set Sail for GBA - Scheme for Financial Leaders of Tomorrow programme (5.6.2023)
FS attends Gerald Choa Oration 2023 organised by Faculty of Medicine of Chinese University of Hong Kong (2.6.2023)
FS attends Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong's Inauguration Ceremony of 9th Board of Directors cum Financial Forum (31.5.2023)
FS attends Welcome to Charming Hunan - Promotion Conference on Hunan Cultural Tourism in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) (30.5.2023)
FS holds press conference (29.5.2023)
FS attends Catholic School Teachers' Day 2023 (25.5.2023)
FS attends Tung Chung Line Extension Ground-breaking Ceremony (25.5.2023)
FS attends 2nd World Chinese Accountants Conference (20.5.2023)
FS attends 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner of Rotary Club of Kowloon (12.5.2023)
FS attends Hong Kong Business Summit 2023 (10.5.2023)
FS attends joint opening ceremony of HOFEX and other events (10.5.2023)
FS attends Navigating the Future of Impact Investing in Asia conference (9.5.2023)
FS attends opening ceremony of 30th Annual Hike for Hospice (7.5.2023)
FS officiates at opening ceremony of second "Happy Hong Kong" Gourmet Marketplace (6.5.2023)
FS attends EY Greater China Economics Forum (5.5.2023)
FS attends IFF Hong Kong Conference cum Inaugural Ceremony of IFF Hong Kong Center (5.5.2023)
FS officiates at opening ceremony of first "Happy Hong Kong" Gourmet Marketplace (29.4.2023)
FS attends Elevator Pitch Competition 2023 (28.4.2023)
FS attends "Happy Hong Kong" Campaign Launch Ceremony (28.4.2023)
FS attends Republic of South Africa: National Freedom Day Reception (27.4.2023)
FS attends Ante Chamber exchange session at LegCo (26.4.2023)
FS attends launch ceremony in celebration of 75th anniversary of establishment of Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (25.4.2023)
FS holds press conference on "Happy Hong Kong" Campaign (24.4.2023)
FS attends Lee and Man Paper Lingnan Walkathon 2023 - Walk for Start-ups! (23.4.2023)
FS attends Kick-off Ceremony of Project WeCan Young Innovators Bazaar 2023 (22.4.2023)
FS concludes visit to Beijing (21.4.2023)
FS speaks at Peking University Guanghua School of Management (20.4.2023)
FS continues calls on central ministries in Beijing (20.4.2023)
FS continues visit in Beijing (19.4.2023)
FS begins visit in Beijing (18.4.2023)
13th CPPCC Vice Chairman and Director of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of State Council Mr Xia Baolong on fifth day of visit to Hong Kong (17.4.2023)
FS attends radio programme (16.4.2023)
FS attends Safeguarding National Security Cup awards presentation ceremony (15.4.2023)
FS hosts seminar at National Security Education Day (15.4.2023)
FS attends Belt and Road Forum: Brave New World (14.4.2023)
FS attends FinTech Forum of Digital Economy Summit 2023 (14.4.2023)
FS attends opening ceremony of Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 (12.4.2023)
FS attends Hong Kong Monetary Authority 30th Anniversary Reception (31.3.2023)
FS concludes visit to Malaysia and Singapore (30.3.2023)
FS speaks at opening ceremony of Inland Revenue Centre (30.3.2023)
FS begins visit programme in Singapore (30.3.2023)
FS attends China Conference: Southeast Asia 2023 (29.3.2023)
FS continues visit in Malaysia (28.3.2023)
FS starts visit to Malaysia (28.3.2023)
Wealth for Good in Hong Kong Summit demonstrates city status as world-leading family office hub (24.3.2023)
FS attends launch ceremony of International Master Chef Charity Dinner Hong Kong (24.3.2023)
FS attends luncheon talk on 2023-24 Budget held by Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services (21.3.2023)
FS officiates at Hong Kong Disneyland 10K Weekend starting ceremony (18.3.2023)
FS attends "Budget Online@M21" programme (17.3.2023)
FS attends "EU and Hong Kong: The Green Way Forward" forum (16.3.2023)
FS visits Guangzhou (15.3.2023)
FS holds press conference (10.3.2023)
FS attends CUHK Business School 60th Anniversary Reception (9.3.2023)
FS attends Greater Bay Area Fintech Talent Summit (9.3.2023)
First cohorts of government officers complete Project Delivery Capability Programme (6.3.2023)
FS attends Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023 opening ceremony (3.3.2023)
FS attends Purchase Agreement Signing Ceremony between The Boeing Company and Greater Bay Airlines (3.3.2023)
Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis holds first meeting (1.3.2023)
FS attends Asia Pacific Loan Market Association Global Loan Market Summit (1.3.2023)
First meeting of the Advisory Committee on Attracting Strategic Enterprises (28.2.2023)
Task Force for Collaboration on the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy holds first meeting (27.2.2023)
FS attends SCMP's Redefining Hong Kong Series seminar (27.2.2023)
FS attends radio programme (27.2.2023)
FS attends ACCA Community Day 2023 opening ceremony (26.2.2023)
FS attends TV programme (26.2.2023)
FS attends radio programmes (25.2.2023)
FS attends RTHK Radio 3's programme "Financial Secretary Phone-in" (24.2.2023)
FS attends joint radio programme "Budget Phone-in" (23.2.2023)
FS attends joint television panel discussion programme "Budget Forum" (22.2.2023)
FS holds press conference on 2023-24 Budget (22.2.2023)
FS delivers 2023-24 Budget in LegCo (22.2.2023)
FS attends 25th Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon prize presentation ceremony (12.2.2023)
FS attends 2022 brand awards presentation ceremony and gala dinner (2.2.2023)
"Hello Hong Kong" Campaign launched to promote Hong Kong around the world (2.2.2023)
FS attends spring reception hosted by Federation of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community Organizations (2.2.2023)
First meeting of the Task Force on Promoting and Branding Hong Kong (31.1.2023)
FS attends Hong Kong Financial Services Sector's Chinese New Year Celebrations 2023 (30.1.2023)
FS attends RTHK's Voices from the Hall - Budget Consultation forum (28.1.2023)
FS attends Lunar New Year Market Open Celebration Ceremony (26.1.2023)
FS officiates at Chinese New Year Raceday opening ceremony (24.1.2023)
Principal Officials of HKSAR Government visit grass-roots families in Tuen Mun District for distribution of Chinese New Year blessing bags (22.1.2023)
FS attends radio programme (22.1.2023)
FS concludes trip to attend World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos (20.1.2023)
FS makes his third day of visit to Davos, Switzerland (19.1.2023)
FS continues Davos visit (18.1.2023)
DFS attends Ante Chamber exchange session at LegCo (18.1.2023)
FS continues to attend World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (18.1.2023)
FS attends World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (17.1.2023)
FS attends Harvard Business School Association of Hong Kong Signature Conference 2023 (14.1.2023)
Expanded programme of Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders launched (12.1.2023)
FS attends Asian Financial Forum keynote luncheon (11.1.2023)
FS attends POW'ER Hong Kong Web3 Innovator Summit (9.1.2023)
FS attends TWGHs "iRun" - Hong Kong Jockey Club Special Marathon 2023 (8.1.2023)
FS attends CGCC Forum - Building Stronger Growth Momentum for Greater Competitive Advantage (6.1.2023)










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