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Financial Secretary


FS begins visit to Hangzhou (17.4.2024)
CAS holds open day to promote National Security Education Day (14.4.2024)
National Security Education Day - Immigration Service Institute of Training and Development Open Day (13.4.2024)
OGCIO sets up "Smart Hong Kong Pavilion" to showcase achievements of smart city development with government departments and industries (13.4.2024)
FS attends "Run for Girls! 2024" (13.4.2024)
FS attends Visionary Forum of Digital Economy Summit 2024 (12.4.2024)
Hong Kong 2024 International Urban Forestry Conference opens (10.4.2024)
FS attends HSBC Global Investment Summit (8.4.2024)
FS attends Hong Kong Sevens 2024 (7.4.2024)
FS attends Wealth for Good in Hong Kong Summit Gala Dinner (27.3.2024)
FS attends Wealth for Good in Hong Kong Summit (27.3.2024)
FS attends Fortune Innovation Forum (27.3.2024)
FS attends Milken Institute's inaugural Global Investors' Symposium (26.3.2024)
FS attends One Earth Summit Gala Dinner (25.3.2024)
FS attends First Annual Hong Kong Climate Forum: Greater Bay Area Climate Action and Cooperation (25.3.2024)
FS attends CUHK Business School 60th Anniversary International Finance Forum and 17th China International Finance 30 Forum (23.3.2024)
FS attends radio programme (23.3.2024)
FS attends Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors 40th Anniversary Cocktail Reception (22.3.2024)
FS attends China Mobile (Hong Kong) Innovation Research Institute Co., Limited and China Mobile Hong Kong Treasury Company Limited Opening Ceremony (22.3.2024)
FS attends China National Textile and Apparel Council, ASEAN Federation of Textile Industries, Textile Council of Hong Kong, Hong Kong General Chamber of Textiles Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding and Hong Kong Textile and Garment Industry Joint Contribution to "Belt and Road Initiative" Conference (21.3.2024)
FS attends OASES Partnership Signing Ceremony (20.3.2024)
FS attends HKU Business School Alumni Gala Dinner (16.3.2024)
FS attends launching ceremony of second City I&T Grand Challenge (16.3.2024)
FS attends GS1 Hong Kong 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner (15.3.2024)
FS attends Hong Kong Money Month 2024 Launch cum IFEC FinEd Hub Opening Ceremony (13.3.2024)
FS attends Luncheon Talk on 2024-25 Budget held by Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services (13.3.2024)
Treasury Building officially opens (12.3.2024)
Financial Secretary attends Regional High-Level Conference on Intellectual Property Protection (12.3.2024)
FS attends IATA World Cargo Symposium (12.3.2024)
Mega Events Coordination Group convenes meeting (8.3.2024)
Financial Secretary reviews Fire Services passing-out parade (8.3.2024)
FS attends launching ceremony of Financial Mega Event Week (7.3.2024)
FS attends "Budget Online@M21" programme (6.3.2024)
FS attends radio programme (4.3.2024)
FS attends TV programme (3.3.2024)
FS attends radio programmes (2.3.2024)
FS attends radio programmes (2.3.2024)
FS attends RTHK Radio 3's programme "Financial Secretary Phone-in" (1.3.2024)
FS attends joint radio programme "Budget Phone-in" (29.2.2024)
FS attends joint television panel discussion programme "Budget Forum" (28.2.2024)
FS holds press conference on 2024-25 Budget (28.2.2024)
FS delivers 2024-25 Budget in LegCo (28.2.2024)
Director of Hong Kong and Macao Work Office of CPC Central Committee and Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of State Council Mr Xia Baolong studies financial and economic development in Hong Kong (26.2.2024)
InvestHK and HKCEA collaborated a spring reception for Mainland enterprises in Hong Kong (26.2.2024)
FS attends opening ceremony of Hong Kong Green Week cum Hong Kong GreenTech Summit 2024 (26.2.2024)
LegCo Spring Luncheon (23.2.2024)
FS meets the media (22.2.2024)
FS attends Hong Kong Financial Services Sector's Chinese New Year Celebrations 2024 (20.2.2024)
Groundbreaking ceremony for first Light Public Housing project held today (19.2.2024)
FS attends Lunar New Year Market Open Celebration Ceremony (14.2.2024)
FS officiates at Chinese New Year Raceday opening ceremony (12.2.2024)
FS attends radio programme (11.2.2024)
Principal Officials of HKSAR Government tour 18 districts to pay year-end caring visits (9.2.2024)
Principal Officials of HKSAR Government continue year-end caring visits in 18 districts (8.2.2024)
Task Force for Collaboration on the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy holds meeting in Hong Kong (7.2.2024)
FS attends Issuance Ceremony of Hong Kong International Airport Retail Bonds (6.2.2024)
Task Force on Promoting Elderly-friendly Building Design holds first meeting (6.2.2024)
FS attends opening ceremony of Banyan Services Association Home for the Elderly (3.2.2024)
FS attends HKCGI 75th Anniversary Celebration (31.1.2024)
FS meets the media on "Safeguarding National Security: Basic Law Article 23 Legislation Public Consultation" (30.1.2024)
FS attends Hong Kong Capital Markets Forum 2024 (30.1.2024)
FS attends opening ceremony of Kwun Tong Night Market in the Year of Dragon (29.1.2024)
DFS attends press conference on promoting mega-event economy (26.1.2024)
FS attends Asia Private Equity Forum 2024 (26.1.2024)
FS attends Asian Financial Forum Keynote Luncheon (24.1.2024)
FS attends Innovation and Technology: Building a Smart and Livable City Conference 2024 (24.1.2024)
FS attends Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024 prize presentation ceremony (21.1.2024)
FS attends Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024 Leaders Cup (21.1.2024)
FS concludes trip to Davos, Switzerland (19.1.2024)
FS continues his visit to Davos, Switzerland (19.1.2024)
FS meets with political and business leaders at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (18.1.2024)
FS continues to attend World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (17.1.2024)
FS begins visit programme in Davos (16.1.2024)
FS attends ACCA Community Day 2024 opening ceremony (14.1.2024)
FS attends TWGHs "iRun" - The Hong Kong Jockey Club Special Marathon 2024 (14.1.2024)
FS attends CU Medicine 40th Anniversary Faculty Gala Dinner (13.1.2024)
FS attends 2024 Ninth Annual Global Alpha Investment Conference (12.1.2024)
FS attends BEA Tower inauguration in Qianhai, Shenzhen (12.1.2024)
FS attends Joint Opening Ceremony of HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2024 (8.1.2024)
FS attends summit on digital economy development new opportunities (4.1.2024)



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