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Financial Secretary


因時制宜的財政政策 (29.1.2023)


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Here comes the Year of the Rabbit (22.1.2023)

Rabbits are a symbol of good luck and vitality. On the first day of the Year of the Rabbit, may I wish you all happiness and health throughout the year and beyond!

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Fostering more inclusive and resilient global development for all (15.1.2023)

As we start the year 2023, Hong Kong welcomed the first large-scale financial forum this year - the 16th Asian Financial Forum (AFF). The two-day forum was successfully held last week. It returned to physical format for the first time in three years and was held in a hybrid mode that was accessible both physically and virtually. This year’s forum assembled political and business leaders from more than 70 countries or regions to share their insights on issues related to global finance and economy and explore cooperation opportunities.

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