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固本浚源  提質發展 (19.5.2024)

環球投資情緒近月出現較明顯轉變,港股近日突破19, 000點水平,升至逾9個月高位,成交顯著增加,上周更曾出現單日成交額逾2, 000億元。恒生指數過去四周累積升超過3, 300點,升幅達兩成。如果與年初的低位相比,大市從今年低位已累積反彈超過三成。近月有不少資金積極投入香港股市,為港股增添了正面氣氛。


Engaging Global Talent and Promoting International Co-operation (12.5.2024)

Happy Mother's Day! Whether it is gathering for a meal or going out shopping, the time spent with family and loved ones will become cherished memories for us. Many shopping malls, retail stores and restaurants also took the opportunity to launch promotions and discounts for Mother's Day. Last night, the Hong Kong Tourism Board staged a drone show at the Wan Chai waterfront, featuring Buddha's Birthday and the Cheung Chau Bun Festival, two of our major traditional festivals. The show did add a unique touch and enhance the festive atmosphere for the weekend.

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Leveraging the Power of Innovation and Hong Kong’s Unique Strengths (5.5.2024)

The Hong Kong economy has maintained its growth momentum. In the first quarter of this year, Hong Kong’s gross domestic product grew by 2.7% in real terms over the preceding year, marking the fifth consecutive quarter of growth. The seasonally adjusted quarter-to-quarter growth rate also accelerated to 2.3%. Sentiment in the asset markets has also seen improvement. The local stock market has risen for nine consecutive trading days, with the Hang Seng Index accumulating a gain of nearly 14%. The average daily turnover exceeded HKD 128 billion. For the residential property market, trading activities have become more active after the removal of all demand-side management measures, and flat prices have also stabilised.

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