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Working together to get rid of subdivided flats (25.7.2021)

I visited some households living in subdivided flats and public housing in Shum Shui Po yesterday to learn more about the daily lives of low-income families and their thoughts. Housing has always been the most imminent problem for grassroots. The high rents of subdivided flats are heavy burden to them. The lack of space also deprives their young children of suitable living and learning environment. It can be said that housing is the biggest pain point in many people’s daily lives.

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Hand in hand (18.7.2021)

Registration for the Consumption Voucher Scheme (the Scheme) has started for two weeks. As at last midnight, over 6.1 million registrations have been received. Most people have duly completed the registration but some may have provided wrong input in their registration form, for example outdated issue date of ID card, hence need to resubmit the correct information. Many registrants have already received the SMS notification which confirms that their registration is successful and sets out the date that they will receive the first voucher - about 5 million plus registrants who have completed the electronic registration will get their first voucher on 1 August.

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Heading towards 5 million (11.7.2021)

The Consumption Voucher Scheme (the Scheme) has opened for registration for a week and has been well received by the public. About 4.8 million registrations have been received so far, among which about 80%, i.e. 3.9 million, are electronic registrations with their identity authenticated by providing information used in last year’s Cash Payout Scheme. Although there were hiccups for some people when registering through iAM Smart in the first two days, the problem had been fixed swiftly and the registration process had resumed normal. The electronic registration process in general takes only a few minutes and no queueing is required.

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