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A Bumpy Path to Recovery (4.6.2023)

Following the two “Happy Hong Kong” Gourmet Marketplaces on Hong Kong Island and in the New Territories, another Gourmet Marketplace was held at the Kwun Tong promenade in Kowloon for two consecutive days starting yesterday. It comprised over 60 booths, with a theme on Asian cuisine as well as wine and dine. There were also performances and game booths. We hope both adults and for children could have an enjoyable weekend.

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Facilitating Travel and Creating Development Capacity under an Infrastructure-led Approach (28.5.2023)

What constitutes high-quality urban development and an ideal living environment? A convenient and efficient transport network is certainly one important element, for it enables us to save commuting time, whether we are going to/returning from work/school or doing other things. With a well-developed and convenient transport network, we can travel with ease to meet the needs of our work, daily living and family.

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Boosting the Gourmet Economy and Unleashing Young People’s Potential through Vocational Training (21.5.2023)

From poetry in ancient times to newspaper columns and videos of web celebrities nowadays, food culture is one of the all-time favourite themes. Food is an integral part of culture, through which we can have a glimpse of changes in history, evolution of economic conditions, as well as cultural traditions and people’s daily living habits. Whether it is about making a cup of tea or cooking a bowl of noodles, the methods involved vary distinctively across the globe and throughout history. It is fair to say that one can learn about the culture, economy and history of a place through its local food.

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